Krowd is the first crowd-based audience tool that makes it radically easy for you to discover microinfluencers, insights and trending content, starting with Facebook communities.

Over 700 Million data points from online crowds


Segment audiences exclusively by common taste to find potential customers. Opting to target by interest as opposed to obsolete demographics (how old they are, their gender, or even where they live) means finding brand loyalist as opposed to customers.


Wondering why your influencer marketing campaigns are not converting? Let's put it this way, your brand is paying for likes/views from bots. And bots don't become brand loyalists. Krowd helps you find top influencers/micro-influencers in your industry based on qualitative engagement. We love emoji's but they don't count.

Competitors Research

Krowd also helps you learn why your competitors have such highly engaged communities that attracts new customers on autopilot with word-of-mouth marketing, and what you need to do to start building yours.

Facebook Communities

Rich Data from the largest conversation territory: Facebook groups gives you a deep understanding of your target audience, allows you to speak their language, and find undiscovered influencers.

Contextual Audience Insight

Together, topic targeting and the right community data helps you:

  • deliver real visibility into your target audience with insights that go way beyond surveys, social engagement, and traffic data.

  • uncover undiscovered influencers/micro-influencers.

Want a 360 degree view and an actionable understanding of your brand ecosystem, including communities, groups, tribes, influencers, brands, organisation, events, official and unofficial channels?

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